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SL110 Horse Chain/Two Snaps Chain

SL110 Horse Chain/Two Snaps Chain

Material: Steel
Electroplating: Chrome plating
Two Snaps Chain Size: 2.5mm * 40cm/ 3.0mm * 50cm/ 3.5mm * 60cm/ 4.0mm * 70cm
Horse Chain Size: 4.0mm * 60cm/ 4.0mm * 65cm/ 4.0mm * 70cm
MOQ: 100pcs per size and color
Design: OEM is available
Sample: Free
Sample time: Within 3-5days 
Packing: leash or collar can be packed according to customers' requirements
Payment: T/T L/C Paypal
Delivery time: within 20days after receive the deposit

Category: Dog Leash

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Premium Steel Craftsmanship:
At the core of our Tie Out Chain lies an unwavering commitment to superior materials. Meticulously crafted from premium steel and adorned with chrome plating, this product embodies durability, longevity, and a striking visual appeal. The chrome plating not only enhances its aesthetic allure but also adds an additional layer of protection against rust and environmental factors, ensuring a leash that remains resilient through every outdoor escapade.
Two Snaps for Dual Security:
The integration of two snaps in our design signifies our paramount dedication to safety. This feature ensures that your pet is secured with dual layers of protection during outdoor activities. The double snap mechanism offers a steadfast grip on your pet's collar or harness, eliminating the risk of accidental detachment and empowering pet owners with the confidence to explore the outdoors freely.
Customizable Chain Sizes for Every Need:
We recognize the diverse range of pets' needs and activities, and as such, our Tie Out Chain comes in various sizes tailored to different circumstances. The Two Snaps Chain Size options include 2.5mm40cm, 3.0mm50cm, 3.5mm60cm, and 4.0mm70cm, while the Horse Chain Size options include 4.0mm60cm, 4.0mm65cm, and 4.0mm*70cm. These size variations ensure that your pet enjoys the freedom of movement while staying safely tethered.
Elevated Handling with "T" Handle and Snap:
The "T" Handle and Snap are designed to streamline the pet outdoor experience. The "T" Handle offers a secure grip that allows you to maintain control effortlessly. Coupled with the snap mechanism, it simplifies the process of attaching and detaching the leash, ensuring that you and your pet can embark on outdoor adventures with minimal hassle.
Unparalleled Performance and Benefits:
Our Tie Out Chain is more than just a leash; it's a tool that promotes safety and fosters a strong bond between pet owners and their beloved companions. The combination of premium materials, innovative design, and double snap security transforms outdoor activities into memorable journeys that both you and your pet can cherish.
As an experienced manufacturer, we adhere to rigorous production processes to ensure each chain undergoes strict quality control. Our technical team continually develops and improves products to meet evolving market demands.
Whether you require standard-sized Double Snap "T" Handle Chains or seek customized designs to suit specific needs, we are dedicated to serving you wholeheartedly. We believe that through close collaboration, we can jointly create better management solutions, enabling you to better care for and manage your companions.
In conclusion, our Tie Out Chain with Two Snaps/"T" Handle and Snap is an embodiment of safety, convenience, and control. Elevate your pet's outdoor experiences by embracing a leash that encompasses innovation and functionality. Reach out to us today to explore the limitless potential of this exceptional chain and redefine the way pets experience the great outdoors.
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